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Friday, July 27, 2012


Been playing around with some footage from my poetry feature in January of this year. Here's a clip of me performing my poem "Walls".

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The hardest part

Beautiful ruins: Photo by Kelene Blake

by Kelene Blake

The hardest part
is wearing the scars
as stripes of honor
not a shield
engraved into skin/ mind/ heart
evidence of what you’ve overcome
memoirs of the times you’ve bled
reminders you are strong enough
to heal

The hardest part
is leaving the hurt behind
taking the lessons forward
escaping oppression
not as victim
as a graduate
your commencement
rebirth into a brighter you
emerging from confined cocoon

The hardest part
is the uncertainty
embracing it wholeheartedly
not knowing where your feet will take you
after they’ve taken you through hell
there is no unlearning what you’ve seen
there is no un-being who you’ve been
there is only creating
who you will become

The hardest part
is letting go
letting grow
letting feel
letting heal
letting blood
letting love
letting yourself