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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Just Couldn't Help It

The only reason for being a professional writer is that you just can’t help it. Leo Rosten.

I’ve fallen back into my journalism habit. Really. It was unintentional. What started as interviews to understand the jobs of athletics professionals has turned into a series of feature stories, one idea leading to the next. Who next should I interview? How should I approach this discussion? How do I write this? I’ve turned an athletics internship into a writing assignment. Why? Because I just couldn’t help it. Writing is what I do. I’m falling back into the habit of finding stories and committing them to paper.

I can’t help being a writer, just like some people can’t help being teachers, coaches, healers, artists, musicians… It’s more than just a habit. It’s the way we’re cut. It’s the shape we take. It’s who we are. It’s our soul’s profession. As a Catholic I was introduced to the concept of vocation. A vocation doesn’t apply only to priests and nuns. A vocation isn’t just a career. It’s not just a job. A vocation is a calling. It is like finding your niche in this vast life. It is doing what you were made to do, what comes naturally, what you love.

I think the best career is one you just can’t help doing, something you would do for free – except by some divine loophole you manage to make a living from it… Nah. That’s more than a living. That’s the life.

(Photo by Kelene Blake: An example of another thing I just couldn't help...)