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Saturday, April 7, 2012

"The End of a Drought"

U.K. Djembe drummer who goes by the name “Shadow 9” put out a call for poets and spoken word artists to submit nature poems to go with his Naturu Riddem for compilation on a free mixtape.

It looked like a fun thing to do, and since I didn’t have any spoken word poems about nature I took it as a challenge to write one. This was the result.

This was definitely a departure from my usual poetry, but I always enjoy expanding and trying my hand at different things. It is a crucial part of growth and getting better knowledge of oneself. I'm at the tail end of the longest blogging dry-spell I've experienced since I began blogging in 2010. Big changes in my life and routine have left me struggling to find balance. As always, however, poetry and creativity have kept me afloat and I will continue to grow and flourish. As such, "The End of a Drought" is the perfect way for me to end my dry-spell, dancing to a "thousand-step beat".

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