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Friday, June 24, 2011

The Dead Still Dream

by Kelene Blake

The dead still dream

As they turn in their graves

Whenever we fail to grasp

The freedom for which they died

The dead still dream

Because we are still slaves

To corporate agendas

Corruption and crime

The dead still dream

Of the roads that they paved

With their blood, their tears,

Hopes, courage, ideas

The dead still dream

And the living still crave

And the chains are still stifling

Our hearts and our minds

The dead still dream

Of the love that they gave

To a future that stands indifferent

To a struggle which is not yet over

The dead still dream

And they dream of us

Walking with courage

Into the future

(Photo by Kelene Blake)


  1. The moral then is... "Do The Do." Motivation to get back to the task at hand and keep my eyes on the prize.

  2. Walk with courage into the future. Our dreams are an extension of the great dreams of those who came before us. Who died for us to learn to read and write? Do so with everything you have! Especially since you write so well Kirt!