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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beach Day

My vacation is coming to an end, and in honor of that I'm posting a poem I wrote just before the beginning of this vacation. It is a Sestina, a verse form requiring repetition of end words in a particular order. It's not the easiest verse form but it gives interesting results.

Beach Day

by Kelene Blake

Early morning at sea
I watch the waves
Reveal the shore as the tide goes out.
The beach, deserted at this early time,
Lets me soak the dew in
As daylight rises.

I can feel my chest rise
As serenity blows over the sea
And I breathe it in.
I release a wave
Of my stress, built up over time
With every breath I let out.

It feels so good to be out,
Away from the high rise
Buildings and crazy time
Tables, all those people to see,
Pressure hitting me in waves
Of deadlines to get all my work in.

But everything’s finally in
And I can finally get out,
Lie on the sand and let the waves
Wash me clean, make my spirits rise
Clear across the sea
Away from the clutches of time.

And this time
When the tide comes in
I’ll sit on the sea
And let my dreams float out
On every wave.

And I will wave
Goodbye to time
And land as I rise
To the horizon, breathing in,
Sailing out
With my dreams to the sea.

Late evening time at the sea.
Waves rise and fall as the tide comes in
While my dreams and I go sailing out.

(Photo by Kelene Blake)


  1. Where was that photo taken? Nice.

  2. That was Las Cuevas - my favorite beach in Trinidad!