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Saturday, May 28, 2011

About You

By Kelene Blake

You may think this poem
Is about you
Maybe it is

About how tenderly
You looked at me
About how softly
Your whispered kisses
Would brush my lips
About how your touch
Would bring me to stillness
Would make me quiet
And yielding
About how your passion
Would flare
And flow through me
Making me a goddess
At whose altar
It was your pleasure to worship

You probably think this poem
Is about you
Maybe it is

About us
Being friends
About us
Being lovers
About how awkward it was
To be both
About how impossible it was
To be neither
About the chaos of emotions
That time
And distance
Can only translate
To pain

I think you think this poem
Is about you
Maybe it is

About you
And me
And we
And what we had
And what we couldn’t have
About what we wanted
And what we sacrificed
And what we achieved
About how well we worked together
About how bad we were for each other
About what we became
About what we lost
About what we never had

I’m sure
You think
This poem
Is about you
About you
Maybe it is…
Maybe not.

(Photo by Kelene Blake: Sculpture at North Bridge, Edinburgh, Scotland)


  1. So, as I tweeted; I had to revisit this piece. I did, and I love it. I love the metre (meter). I love being hooked by the simple start and being drawn into a complex dialogue fraught with drama born of a love that fell short. Reminds of the song "Why" by Annie Lenox.

  2. Very romantic poem.

  3. Thank you. I like how you relate my poetry to music. If I could find someone who can teach me to put music to my words I'd be so happy. But for now all I have are the words.

  4. Didn't really mean for it to be romantic. I don't consider myself very romantic. It's just me being honest, and a little sad, and a little defiant.

  5. I guess those feelings you had when u wrote it, can be disguised as romantic. Though not intentional.