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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Like Lead Razors to my Guts

I have a knack for getting myself in over my head. I take leaps of faith, only to find myself freefalling from a cliff of my own making. I get an idea I like and turn it into a project. I get started on the project all excited, thinking, “This is going to be great!”

And then, I start. And then I commit. And at that moment a lead seed lands directly into my gutsy parts and begins to germinate. And as I dig myself deeper and deeper into my project and realize what it would require to bring my idea to life, that lead seed grows into a seedling, then to a sapling, then to a tree – a lead tree with razor sharp leaves slicing at my guts and poisoning my system.


The funny thing about getting in over your head is that sometimes, as you stick with it in spite of the fear, you begin to grow. You learn as you go along, you persevere, you improve, and soon enough you’ll find that you are no longer in over your head. Rather you have grown to match what you are trying to do. And, if you keep at it, you grow past that project, prepared to face even bigger challenges, and you’ve outgrown the things that daunted you, planting that initial seed of fear in your gut. You stand tall and triumphant with your achievement underfoot.

So sometimes, when you leap, you build wings on the way down and learn to fly.

(Photo by Kelene Blake)

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