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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In Scotland Without a Clue

I’m over in Scotland without a clue. Another case of me jumping and building wings on the way down (see me frantically gluing feathers together). I made it here though, and it’s beautiful! I got here just in time for gale force winds, an ash cloud, and a rugby tournament. I wanted take this trip for a while. I told myself I would, and I still do not quite know the logistics of how I got here and how I’m getting back, but I’m so happy I jumped.

What I am most happy about, other than seeing my wonderful brother and hanging out with some sweet people, is the fact that I didn’t let this one become a pipe dream. I didn’t wait for everything to be right and in place. I said I would take this trip and, in spite of everything, I did! This is how I want to live my life. I don’t want to wait for “one day” because so often that “one day” doesn’t come.

We don’t always realize we’re putting our lives – the real ones, the ones we want to live and are currently working toward – in danger when we wait for perfect circumstances. We spend a lifetime and die waiting for that “real” life to begin. Sometimes it’s important to take risks and do what you dream of doing.

Many of us don’t really make that definite, no-turning-back move toward our dreams because we fear failure. It’s one thing to fail at something you don’t care about, but it is brutal to fail at something you’ve put your heart into. The thing is, you may succeed if you try, you may fail if you try, but absolutely nothing happens if you do absolutely nothing. And life can get really dull if you do absolutely nothing with it.

But if you do decide to pursue dreams, you don’t have to do like me and take the scary headlong route. My methods are a bit random and… optimistic. If you don’t want to live in negative capability like me, that’s perfectly fine (and smart). Even taking small calculated steps is progress, and has its risks. But the key is to move toward where you want to be.

You’re not going to wake up one day to find that you’re living your dreams unless you take those scary steps towards those dreams. Don’t wait for the world. The world is just doing it’s thing, minding its business. Waiting for it to get to you is a mistake. The world won’t come to you because it’s too busy waiting for you to grasp it and make it take notice. Yes. The world is waiting for you to step up and take your place in it.

(Photo by Andon Blake)


  1. Kelene,

    This blog is so inspiring and uplifting. You are right. Many people wait years and years to put their dreams into action, but never do. Taking risks and living each day productively is what counts. What really hit home for me is the point you made about waiting for the perfect circumstances to fufill a dream and how this can be a huge mistake. I totally agree. Sometimes, you have to live your life on your sleeve and just go for it! You said it best when you mentioned in the very last paragraph about not waiting for the world; the world is waiting for you. God gave each and every one of us a gift, and it's up to us to use that gift and present it to the world. Only we have the power to take initiative for our own actions. Like the old saying goes, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink it". The same applies to human beings. You can lead a person in the right direction, but only they can finish it out. Thank you for reminding me that with risks comes rewards. Life is too short to live on "Maybes" and "One days". If anything, we should live by "I Cans" and "I Wills". I wish you well in all of your future aspirations. Keep reaching for the stars...and beyond!

    Your Friend,
    Brandi Vaughan

  2. Thank you Brandi! You've inspired me with these words. And that's what friends do, inspire each other to reach greater heights! With you as a friend we can watch each other soar! I wish you success and joy in all your endeavors. Keep doing your thing, and I'll keep doing mine, and we're bound to bounce up again and have great stories to swap!

    Your Friend,
    Kelene Blake

  3. Hi Kelene,

    Hello Kelene,I hope you are well in Scotland. I apologize for leaving your graduation early and not seeing you before you left. I know you wont hold it against me.This is a beautiful, inspiring blog you put up. I can really relate it to what's going on in my life at this present time. I too am guilty sometimes of waiting for the time or moment to be perfect for me to achieve my dreams and desires. I just have to go for it now and live with the outcome. Your words helped me look at what I must do. For that I thank you. I know with your approach to life, great and positive changes will come through you Kelene.I wanted to humbly wish you the best in Scotland and a blessed summer.Kelene,until next we meet farewell.



  4. Thank you Lionel! Don't fret about leaving grad early. That event was way too long anyway! :-) I'm glad you relate to what I've shared and that it's encouraged you. I wish you greater joy and success than you can imagine and I know we'll meet again. Til we do, *hug!*

  5. Kelene,

    Congratulations to you for your recent accomplishments.

    Through this blog of yours, it can be clearly seen that you have grown and still developing into a remarkable woman.

    Everything that occurs in our lives happen for many reasons - some known and others unknown. And the things that you have gone through have prepared you for this moment in your life. And I believe that you are going to do great things.

    I wish you continuous success, but if it's not continuous, I wish for you continuous courage, faith, strength and perseverance.

    Stay sweet....(but you can alway get sweeter ;) )

  6. Thank you! I wish I knew who I'm addressing but I don't see a name. I'm continuously growing so there's still a lot more to come and a lot more sweetness to develop. :-)